Client Testimonials


What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

“When I was finishing up my book, Alpha WAHM Blueprint, Melanie O’Kane was quite literally the bow on the gift. She came into the project at the very end, got up to speed quickly, and ironed out those itty-bitty wrinkles in the text (missing commas and hyphens, straggling sentence fragments, etcetera). It was a relief to know that my words were being proofread by a professional with an eye for excruciating detail and that I could send my book into the marketplace with confidence.”

– Karri Flatla, Founder and Owner, Snap! Virtual Associates, Inc.
Lethbridge, Alberta (Canada)

“My companies and outreach ventures have used Melanie O’Kane dot Com for administrative and creative projects since 2003. Melanie has demonstrated the highest quality attention to detail and prompt execution of all projects at a competitive cost. I plan to continue utilizing Melanie for my overflow projects. Additionally, I strongly recommend their services to anyone who seeks timely and accurate work at cost-effective prices.”

Floyd Rose, Ph.D., President
– Wisconsin Diversity Procurement Network (WDPN)
– African American Communication and Collaboration Council (AACCC)
– Framework for Opportunity Convergence and the Utilization of Sustainable Solutions (FOCUSS)
– Supplier Information Data Assistant Tool (SIDAT)
– Wisconsin Business Management Seminar (WBMS)
– Consortium for the Educational Development of Economically Disadvantaged Students (CEDEDS)
Madison, Wisconsin

“I met Melanie O’Kane in 2008 and started partnering with her on projects almost immediately upon our first meeting. She does fantastic work! Her clients’ needs are clearly a priority, as evidenced by the quality work, the quick turnaround, and the ease of working with her. Whenever I have worked with Melanie, the learning curve has been minimal, and I trust her expertise and respect her creativity. I’m definitely a fan of Melanie, and don’t hesitate to provide recommendations to her!”

Rachel Rasmussen, Owner, Rescue Desk Virtual Assistant Services
Madison, Wisconsin

“Melanie O’Kane has been able to let me provide polished deliverables to my clients on time by allowing me to do the research and Melanie to do the document formatting. It proved to be a winning combination.”

Alison Bourey, Director, ABM Management Company, LLC
St. Louis, Missouri

“I have been lucky enough to work with Melanie since 2005, as we both volunteer in the same organization. When I needed someone to help with some design and newsletter work, I knew I would call Melanie. I have not been disappointed yet. Her work is stellar and her communication is excellent. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Candy Beauchamp, Owner, OffAssist
Austin, Texas

“Melanie makes quick work of EVERYTHING! I most appreciate my asking once and not only is the task at hand handled, it is handled with grace, professionalism and humor. I am grateful we were introduced!”

Bonnie Fitzgerald, Owner, Maverick Mosaics
Vienna, Virginia

“I started working with Melanie a few months ago and it’s been great! What I really like is that she is so responsive. She gets everything back to me asap and is very open to feedback if I need something changed. Oh and did I mention, her pricing is very reasonable too.”

Deb Melton, Heart Screenings and Stress Reduction Coach – The Dora Project
Lakewood, Colorado

“I hired Melanie O’Kane as a virtual assistant to help with a variety of time-consuming tasks that were difficult for us to complete. In one project, she took raw data and put it into a variety of spreadsheets. Her knowledge of Excel is outstanding. She also performed initial phone interviews with prospective employees, helping us narrow our choices. Melanie has been a God-send for us and takes care of administrative tasks that either never get done or don’t get done in a timely manner. And the best thing is that Melanie always gets the job done by our deadlines. We like Melanie so much that were looking for more that they can do for us. She is professional, punctual and a person of the highest integrity.”

Ed Stych, Owner, (formerly) Stych Communications, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“When it comes to creating winning visuals, Melanie O’Kane is just short of magical. The documents and flyers she has created for us can best be described as compelling, attention-grabbing, eye candy.”

Debbie Sakagawa, Owner, Outer Office, LLC
Aurora, Colorado

“Working with Melanie O’Kane is great. Professional. On time. Accurate. All the things you’d want from a professional executive assistant. I run a technology and marketing company, and we’re all virtual – working together through e-mail, conference calls, instant messaging, and other digital means – working for customers all over the globe. Melanie has been there with us in the virtual world, across time zones and media, to help us deliver proposals and other services and support to keep it all running.”

Sean Branagan, President – Communigration, Inc.
Syracuse, New York

“Working in an industry where everything is due yesterday puts a lot of stress on getting jobs done. We use Melanie O’Kane for transcription of focus group discussions. Melanie is always there when we need fast turnaround. Transcribing focus groups is very challenging and we have used many different people over the years. We have settled on Melanie because her quality is superb and her attention to detail and deadlines is great. She also is a good value, which is important since budgets are just as critical as timetables. We continue to rely on Melanie over and over again and she has always come through for us.”

Mike Pratzel, Director – Hiebing
Madison, Wisconsin

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Melanie O’Kane. I was given a job by a new client – and I didn’t have time to do it. I subcontracted the project to Melanie, and she returned a beautiful, accurate, timely document which the client thought was excellent. I will continue to use Melanie O’Kane dot Com for overload projects as often as possible. I salute their professionalism!”

Libby Floyd Davis, Owner – My Personal Secretary, Inc.
Fountain Hills, Arizona

“I contacted Melanie for help with a rather large and technical project. She responded immediately and enthusiastically and went right to work. I could tell from the start that Melanie cares about the quality of her work and meeting her deadlines. She is also a great communicator with excellent follow-up skills. I would definitely recommend Melanie to anyone who needs help. She is amazing!!!”

Jan Wlodarski, Owner – Inspired Design Experts
Plant City, Florida

“I was referred to Melanie when looking for a VA to write and edit articles for one of my clients, and she didn’t disappoint! I so appreciated her ongoing communication through the process and the high quality of her work. Her writing is creative, thorough and on target with what my client was looking to accomplish. Ill definitely call Melanie in the future for this and other client needs as they come up. Thanks so much!”

Kathy Hadzibajric, Owner – Virtually Solved
Lutz, Florida

“Thank you for assisting in the creation of our client’s newsletter. We appreciated your professionalism and attention to details. Our client was thrilled with the article you wrote for them, and the content was a hit with their customers. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Deanne Splear, Owner – AdminiSourceNow
Kankakee, Illinois

“Melanie goes well out of her way to help figure out the best way to synchronize my needs with her ability to meet them. I especially appreciate her willingness to collaborate. I highly recommend Melanie O’Kane’s services.”

Barbara Payne, Managing Principal – A
Cleveland, Ohio

“Working with Melanie is a pleasure. She is efficient and reliable. I have relied on Melanie for some time and have consistently been satisfied with her professionalism and the quality of her work. I’m glad I found her and look forward to building on our working relationship.”

Valeri Amos
Bolivar, Ohio

“Just had to take a moment to share. I haven’t really had time to take a look at [client’s] site for awhile, so imagine my surprise when I pulled up her eStore page and saw all of the new changes. It looks GOOD. The audio previews are an awesome touch, but the whole package just looks tight. I am so impressed and [the client] must be jazzed. Great job!!”

Char West

“I had a great experience using Melanie O’Kane for a personal project. Melanie was fast and accurate in transcribing from audiotape, and stayed well within my budget. The geographic distance between us didn’t matter at all. I simply mailed my tape and Melanie mailed it back when she was finished. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Melanie O’Kane again!”

Rob Macdonald
Baltimore, Maryland

“I know I expressed to you before of just how satisfied I was from reviewing the unfinished copy of the executive summary, but words can’t express how happy I am now that it’s completed. I was impressed with how detailed and involved you were when putting this together. It’s what I was looking for and then some. Thank you once again for everything. I’ll be sure to keep you updated with the progress. Thanks again for helping me give birth to what was once only a dream.”

Anthony Kiser
New York, New York